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Join us virtually for our six annual KACF-SF Gala!


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Get access to the premier Korean American event in the Bay Area that raises funds for the under-resourced!

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Get access to the virtual gala, plus sponsor the attendance of one of our nonprofit community leaders.

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Be a super-supporter! Host a pod (gather friends and family) to watch and take part in the virtual gala. Includes access to special benefits. Email gala@kacfsf.org for more details.


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Korean American Community Foundation of San Francisco
In Support of Korean American Community Foundation of San Francisco
KACF-SF seeks to help the vulnerable and underserved in the Bay Area’s Korean American community to lead safe and healthy lives. The Foundation pursues this goal by providing grants and capacity-building assistance to nonprofit organizations addressing the vital needs of our community. Priority is given to funding programs that address physical and mental health, senior care, youth empowerment, and safety. The Foundation also serves as a convener of organizations and facilitator of community dialogue and collaboration.